World Records Fall at Fitness Show Sydney

A packed crowd was there for World Powerlifting’s Pacific Challenge at Fitness Show Sydney 2019, the Southern Hemisphere’s largest fitness trade show – and the lifters from six different nations responded with multiple national and World Records.

In the Women’s lifting Jess Sewastenko of Australia was the star of the show with a World Record Total of 436kg at 58kg bodyweight, that including 193kg Deadlift World Record. Age group World Records came from Masters Ali Gascoigne (New Zealand) and Ding Li (China) and also Youth Brea De Jonge (Australia), ultra promising with 206kg Squat and 487kg Total.

The Men’s lifting was highlighted by the showdown between Antipodean Superheavyweights Tony Reinmuth and Joe Whittaker. The 375kg Australian record Squat from Tony was surpassed by New Zealander Joe’s 380kg and on it went, lift for lift until Joe’s final Deadlift 334kg didn’t move and Tony was left with the gold, 930kg to 927kg. And while all that was going on, World Records came from Chad Odsey, 186kg Bench Press at 77kg and Michael Rand 331kg Deadlift at 105kg.

Net stop on the World Powerlifting Fitness circuit in the gigantic FIBO Shanghai in August