Powerlifting Level 1 Coaching Course

Coach Accreditation – National Coaching Accreditation Scheme

Powerlifting Australia is accredited within the Australian Sports Commission’s National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS).

Our Level 1 Powerlifting Coach course is also recognised by Fitness Australia for 14 CEC points.

Look online at for more information, or contact Powerlifting Australia Coaching Director, Robert Wilks at 0418 366 416.

By tapping into the smarts of World Class Powerlifting Athletes and Coaches you can elevate your own strength and performance in every sport, from Crossfit to Football to Powerlifting itself. As a Personal Trainer or Coach, you can brand yourself as a superior conditioner of clients and sportspeople. But the vital skills for claiming that edge will only come if you take a lesson from the strength experts.

Now Powerlifting Australia, the Australian Sports Commission recognised governing body of Powerlifting in Australia and Fit2B, a leading Registered Training Organization and Cert III/IV Fitness provider, have made available a Powerlifting Coaching Course for sportspeople, Trainers and Coaches. Learn effective strength and conditioning techniques via a course that is unique because it is –

  • Fitness Australia approved and gives you 14 CEC points.
  • The base for Australian Sports Commission recognition as a Level 1 Powerlifting Coach.
  • Completed in a compact 2 day time period, or can be customized for your gym, club or group.
  • Led only by international level Powerlifters and Powerlifting Coaches.

Your Introduction to Powerlifting Training and Coaching.

  • 14 hour, two full day, practical – oriented course.
  • Conducted in person around Australia – come prepared to lift and learn!
  • Pre-course, you will receive the outstanding Powerlifting Australia Level 1 Coaching Manual and a Resource Pack of programs, charts and articles.
  • Written and practical exam on day 2 – essential for your CECs & ASC Coach Recognition.
  • By the end of the course you will be able to teach the technique of the Big 3 Powerlifts, programme for superior strength and handle issues in strength training such as youth, safety and drugs in sport.

Course Outline

  • UNIT 1: The National Coaching Accreditation Scheme
  • UNIT 2: Roles and Responsibilities of the Coach
  • UNIT 3: Physical Conditioning of Athletes
  • UNIT 4: Skill Learning and Psychological Conditioning
  • UNIT 5: Technique of the Squat
  • UNIT 6: Technique of the Bench Press
  • UNIT 7: Technique of the Deadlift
  • UNIT 8: Conditioning Exercises for Powerlifting
  • UNIT 9: Organizing a Powerlifting Training Program
  • UNIT 10: Powerlifting Competition Skills
  • UNIT 11: Anti-Doping Programmes in Powerlifting