Official Rules of Competition 2018

Here are World Powerlifting’s 2018 Rules of Competition. These are clear and as simple as possible rules for our sport. Some of the changes relative to some prior rules systems include:

  • Gender equity in bodyweight classes, withe additional Women’s 100kg class setting the classes as 8 Mens and 8 Womens
  • Some minor changes to move the lower bodyweight classes up and so even out field sizes i.e. Men 62/69/77/85/94/105/120/120+kgs and Women 48/53/58/64/72/84/100/100+kg.
  • Masters age groups are now in 5 year increments
  • There is no longer an Approved List for lifter apparel, suits etc can be worn as long as they meet the rules of the sport
  • Team sizes are 8 Men and 8 Women, with all Totaling lifters earning points.

These Rules will make for fairer, more accessible competition in World Powerlifting.

Click here to view the World Powerlifting Rules of Competition