Wilks Formula 2 Released

The legendary WIlks Formula, the benchmark for determining relative Powerlifting performance, has been updated for 2020 onwards. New data has allowed for a rebalancing of coefficients, with Men’s and Women’s performances better aligned and the extreme bodyweight classes brought into better balance with the middle bodyweight classes. Wilks Formula 2 will stand the test of time but will always be subject to reanalysis as the quantum of lifting results builds over time.

World Powerlifting’s top lifters ever can now be declared as —

Krzysztof Wierzbicki (Poland) 895kg @ 97.10kg bodyweight =  661.46 points
Elizabeth Craven (Australia) 425kg @ 52.50kg bodyweight =  616.95 points

Here is a Wilks Calculator to derive your lifters points scores

Coming soon thewilksformula.com with more information, also the Wilks Bench Press Formula.