FIBO China Produces Home Grown Stars

The 2021 FIBO China Open and Championships was confined to domestic lifters but shone with a new raft of national champions and stars. Shanghai’s enormous Expo & Convention Centre saw Xinhao Li take out Best Lifter with 831kg at 120kg, over Haitao Niu’s 711kg at 85kg. Then in the Women’s lifting Jiaojiao Xu jumped her Total all the way up to 532kg at 100kg, while Lei Gong produced the best single lift of the meet, 142kg Squat at 53kg putting the young Lei in sight of the World Record.

Once again a full house audience, extensive WADA testing and elite Samtek equipment at every station made FIBO China Asia’s quality Powerlifting event. Stand by for news of more big World Powerlifting events in China.