Oceania Championships Come Through

The much delayed 2021 Oceania Championships came to be on February 19-27, spread across Australian, New Zealand and Nauru venues, with 92 lifters producing record-setting results.

Top Women’s lifter was Isabella Thomson, a 488kg at 72kg getting her close to the 600 points mark. Best Men’s lifter was Dyke Daoe of Nauru, 680kg in the 77kg class also edging him towards the new 500.

Other top marks came from promising 21 year old Joshua Genever 648kg at 85kg and Mr Deadlift NZ Chris Bennett,with 300kg at 94kg and a near miss on a WR attempt of 325kg. Look down the BP results for some outstanding age results, 56 year old Ben Jamieson hitting and 190kg and then Alan Sturrock going 200kg in his 65th year.

2022 is here though and the 2022 Oceanias are just around the corner, all set for Melbourne November 28-29. Stand by for details soon.