World Championships on Song in Rome

Home team Italy was the host and duly on top in the teams scoring at the World Championships in Rome. Opening ceremony opera singer and 72kg lifter Valentina Dell’Aversana led the Italian Women to four titles, ahead of Australia and Greece. On top though as women’s Best Lifter was Australia’s Isabella Thomson coming through against injury for a 472kg Total and 563 points.

In the Men’s visa challenges trimmed many team sizes but Nauru were quality performers with six lifters and five titles. Dyke Daoe was men’s Best Lifter ahead of compatriot Joash Teabuge, 580 to 575 points, while Langer Olssen Wharton was best bencher with 220kg at 105kg bodyweight. Australia’s Karl DiFalco was the only open WR setter, 236kg Squat at 69kg improving on his own standard. However Italy were again the overall top team, with the illustrated man, Fredrico Sabelli, sealing matters with a win at 120+ over promising Youth Seth Snijder.